5 reasons your kids need Halloween makeup this October

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5 Reasons your kids need Halloween makeup this October (ubizblog.com)

Do you want Halloween makeup, sweetheart, this year?” I asked my 8 years old. “Yep”, she happily replied. Perhaps, grown-ups, at times don’t clearly comprehend why our kids are looking forward to this “trick or treat” celebration in Australia, especially after strict restrictions related to COVID. Surely, you have already prepared that essential Halloween Pumpkin that we can carve into a jack-o-lantern as a spooky-related tradition, didn’t you?

Facts about Halloween

So, let’s say that Halloween is mistakenly considered to be a tradition derived from the United States. Yet, it all started in Ireland. Halloween actually arrived in the US with Irish immigrants in the mid-1800’s. Therefore, don’t think of Halloween as an American tradition, but rather based on the Celtic festival (History of Halloween, 2021). The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (Wikipedia, 2021), when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. It is also known as All Hallows’ Eve and is the day before All Saints’ Day (Countries to celebrate Halloween, 2021). These days the celebration has evolved into festive gatherings, opportunities to dress up in hand-made spooky-related costumes, and the cherry on tart is a variety of “Sweet treats” collections to pick up. This spooktacular day will occur on October, 31st, Sunday in Australia.

5 reasons your kids need Halloween makeup this October

Firstly, I should mention my daughter’s participation in this research. Her major argument was aligned with having fun and an opportunity to live a fairy tale. I would say that after a long lockdown situation in Australia and across the world, our children are ready to let loose and open up to new adventures. In order to create a Halloween look- makeup is an ultimate part to participate along the side with a costume choice. Yet, No makeup- NO spooktacular Halloween day!

  1. Big playdate:

Kids can have a bigger playdate with their peers. The number of candies in the basket might stimulate joy and happiness. When else can they receive such a big number of sweets with no guilt and restrictions? They were locked up this year and hardly interacted with their friends except online. Creative makeup might reinforce a local neighbourhood to engage more with little wanderers trying to collect treats.

2. Creative skills development:

Halloween makeup can enhance a thrill because it will allow kids to play with something odd, something unknown. Halloween is about Fright, in a positive way. Playfully, kids can exercise their imagination and develop creative minds that were “asleep” within longer lockdowns. Laura Dhir a Sydney based makeup artist stated that Halloween is the busiest time of the year! Laura added that with her experience in Halloween makeup while doing full-face makeup it’s essential to keep “Sharps” away from your eyes. You need to be careful because of the infection and injuries. I think it’s specifically important to our little ones who can get carried away. Parents, be aware

3. Social interaction and self-belonging

It’s high time for our kids to come out of the shell and participate in social roles and interactions. Self-esteem and self-belonging might be suppressed after longer lockdowns. As a mum, I watched my daughter attempting to utilise her tablet and participate in group gaming activities. But, let’s say that face to face interaction is irreplaceable. Kids are ready to experience face-to-face interactions and participate in a “fear-fun game” but in real life! Yet, we live in COVID times and have to be cautious with all Government Health Guidance

4. “Fun and surprise!”- My daughter said.

Kids are still living in their own time and space! They don’t want to get bored. Surprise is equal to something exciting. They build memories of fun times. Imagine, when they try to figure out each other’s looks and guess a character? Kids are learning via a real-life experience while having fun.

5. Learning makeup techniques

Laura Dhir, a Sydney based makeup artist brings her expertise to the table. Laura Dhir mentioned that “Prep is still key, and eye primers are a must”. She also highlighted that a reference image is likely never to look 100 % the same. The reason is various eyes shapes and skin types. Therefore, before you create a new look for your kid- mention, it so they don’t get too upset. I know how challenging it can be when kids are surprised to see a different look to a chosen image from the Internet. Be aware! Another tip to consider is that “character makeup is that texture is absolutely your friend about 90% of the time. So, if you want to increase the scare factor, messy and textured makeup is key most of the time.” By adding glitter to your eye, it can bring even more fun, especially when the initial design went out of control.
Laura also suggested removing makeup properly with a gentle oil. Baby oil, isopropyl myristate or even edible oils are fine as they break down the glue. “No one should be going to bed with their makeup still on”. Parents, be aware!

Wrap Up:

It’s time to let our kids Go! It’s time to be back to a new normal, parents. Halloween is an opportunity to unleash a positive wild in our kids, social interaction, develop their imagination and allow them to be kids! Make sure to follow an Aussie Government Health Guidance and stay alert. This October we need to bring a Spooktacular Halloween to Australia.

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