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Time to explore unique McLaren Vale wineries? How overwhelming it can be to scroll through the winery options in a local tourist magazine of SA! Someone experienced with SA vineyards is saying “yes’ to this statement. Adelaide might be truly underrated for someone who never visited this hidden gem of Australia. I hear often — “it’s a small, laid-back town with not much to show”. Well, smaller doesn’t mean unattractive or lame. Let me say, SA wineries are well-known for its unique, laid back, yet stylish vibe that you will never forget.

To start, McLaren Vale is a popular winery region, internationally recognised when you can have some space, unwind and let the World wait! During my latest trip to SA, I discovered a few gems in Maclaren Vale and allow me to share with you all a few best wines tasting opportunities in SA.

#1 Down to the Rabbit Hole winery, Maclaren Vale, SA

Established in 2018, and relatively new is Down to the Rabbit Hole winery, deserves a special recognition because of it unique approach to wine-tasting, the wine range itself and a big Credit to…Creativity! We’ve seen lots and to us, wine is a drink that joins people together, communities. Whereas, this winery gives a bit more- a feeling of abundance and artistic expression of wine portrayed in a “poetic” way. The bottles labels exude a story telling. Whilst Shiraz range and one of our favourites Sangiovese took a prime position, the whole range is about a “joy to drink”. Normally, we taste wine indoors while, Down to the Rabbit Hole winery, offered us an outdoor session. Just like that, we found a happy spot with a quiet music, birds singing, nature. Travelling with kids? How thoughtful to consider picnic rugs, swings and a mini alpacas farm next door! While parents are enjoying a new, crispy wine range, your kids can play hide and seek, photograph alpacas and play. What else? The light-blue bus is inviting travellers to create a fun photography. So, save a data on your phone when visiting.

#2 Maxwell Winery, MacLaren Vale, SA

Opposing to Down the Rabbit Hole with its casual and chilling atmosphere, arty, storytelling wines, Maxwell Winery has a touch of classic, vintage, elegant, bit conservative and sophisticated! With multiple options for a visitor, Maxwell Winery is the one to attend when in SA. Maxwell Winery offer an opportunity to explore the Limestone Cave, Fine Dining, Winery Heritage Tour and of course, wine tasting options. Just like that, we booked an alternative to a standard range- “Taste of the Coast. The range of only 4 wines but brings a special spice to your day and it’s a fact- you will want to taste more! You can explore a unique wine tasting of grape varieties from coastal vineyards, that originally came from the “shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Iberian Peninsula”.

Travelling with kids? Fun Maze and Picnic areas are within a short distance. Let them play while you are looking at a picturesque valley and doing a tasting of your choice!

Just to name a couple, both wineries are about an exclusive experience! Have you travelled to SA wineries yet? Which wineries were your absolute spotlights? Share in comments your best experience during your SA visits below with us today!

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