Why do people unfollow & unfriend us on social media?

Unollow toxic friends

If you have a toxic relationship with someone, they might unfollow you. If someone saw your feeds every day, it would trigger negative emotions and bad memories. People use social media to find happy places. Getting rid of toxic people in your life will reduce negativity. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind! Usually, if you are unfriended or unfollowed by a close friend, you know exactly why. The reason people axed you out may be related to the fact that you ended a toxic friendship. Toxicity is about lacking of understanding, offensive behaviours, ignoring, mental abuse, arrogance and more. So, its time to let go…

Unfollow and unfriending ex on Social media

It seems logical to delete a friend after a breakup with your ex-friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend on social media. What’s the point of seeing your beautiful face every day and recalling those “sassy” memories? Maintaining a positive Facebook community is essential. In addition, when your ex removes you from Facebook (Meta), it indicates that your relationship is over and it’s time to move on.

Unfollow multiple FB friends

Are you thinking about unfollowing multiple Facebook friends because you don’t engage with them? If you don’t engage with your social media followers, they will leave! It’s that simple. Friendships these days are selective and fussy. Why keep someone you aren’t engaging with or doesn’t matter to you? A friendship is based on value. All of a sudden, if you’ve been unfriended, it might mean that you’ve been added to a list of people that might be time to let go. Don’t worry! Perhaps you should also clean the list. Whether you let go or simply start talking…

Jealous friends on Social media

It’s possible you’re too much for someone! As a successful, shiny individual that isn’t afraid to showcase your lucky life on social media, so they go! Watching you do so well is simply too hard. People might feel insecure when you show a happy face, as they are not quite there yet. The issue of jealousy and envy between friends also applies to social media. You should be careful when it comes to your friendships, including social media. If some misunderstanding occurred, talk to your “jealous” friend and seek a resolution.

Unfollow, Unfriend and Helping a friend on Social media

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, it also means that one of your friends possibly asked you to do so! Social media work as a vehicle to generate exposure and engagements. The friends of your friends might see you feeds and be on track on what’s happening with your life. Imagine, your bestie broke up with someone and deleted him or her from Facebook space. In this case, you might be asked to help out and remove that “friend” as well. So, if are unfollowed and unfriended, think about if that person has a friendship with someone you just said Good Bye to.

Wrap Up:

Unfollow and Unfriend on Social Media situation might be unpleasant and sad especially for closer friendships! To unpack this, just ask yourself what exactly happened? Most of the time you know the reason when it comes to closer friend. If its sore, just ask! If they don’t respond- silence is the answer too. Unmanageable friends on social media and the ones you don’t engage with can easily come and go- don’t stress if your list will be cleaned up. Stay confident and true to yourself. The real connections will never die…. almost.



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